The one about the ‘Beginning’

To tell a story or write a blog the professionals tell you ‘be clear, have a beginning, a middle and an end’, although to be honest, I haven’t had a clear day in the last 10 years of my current professional adventure.  Meaning, when I was pushed of my professional parapet 11 yrs ago (dismissed from my job) when I became to out spoken, I had no where to go and nothing to do. The only thing for it was to jump into a new adventure, feet first, eyes closed and skint.  My initial idea was to build a ‘childcare service’ with no boundaries and no barriers, inclusive of all children with additional needs. Ayrshire Childrens Services CIC or ACS for short was born on May the 5th 2011, 12 hrs after loosing my job, 3 hrs and 8mths after having Joshua, 11 years after meeting Peter, 20 yrs since I started my career as a Youth Worker and 41 yrs into life. I became a Social Entrepreneur over night and no idea of what I was doing! Google became my 'instruction manual' and my first search was &#